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Looking For Someone to Spend Time With - 20 (portland)

age : 20 body : average eye color : Black height :5’11” (180cm) status : single

Sup Craiglist users,
my name is Benji,
I’m waiting to meet the right person
who would ask me out on a hike for our first date.
I want a guy who would sing to me at random moments.
Someone who is more goofy than romantic.
More dorky than cool.
A guy who would throw pillows at my face
when I’m acting dumb.
And wry smiles at the floor when I do something stupid.
A guy who would make fun of me just to hear my laugh.
He’d tease me relentlessly,
and then surprise me with 25 cent rings,
And a pair of gooey-sticky hands
for an epic gooey-sticky hand battle to the death.

He would bet me kisses
that he could beat me at all the old Playstation games,
And then let me win.
Someone who I could share the same spoon with
while eating ice cream,
And lay on a blanket to count the stars.
Excited to wake up to each other in the morning.
We’d buy tons of disposable cameras
to take the silliest pictures,
And squirt water guns at each other in the house.

But most of all,
he would just always make me smile.
So easily.
It’s like he didn’t even have to try,
It just came naturally.
So, If you think we would get along or if you are looking for the same thing, message me with a face picture (so, I know you are real) and for the subject line, type in your favorite movie or song as of right now. 

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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1 week ago

Poor girl…
—Wonder Woman #17 (1946) by Joyce Murchison & H.G. Peter


Poor girl…

—Wonder Woman #17 (1946) by Joyce Murchison & H.G. Peter

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1 week ago
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